Dr. Ranjan Background

Dr Priyadarshi Ranjan is a specialist urological surgeon and a pioneering transplant specialist in India, who has been working on the forefront of kidney failure and transplant since a decade. Primarily based at Chandigarh, he established the comprehensive transplant center at Fortis Hospital Mohali, in 2011. More than a thousand kidney transplants and laparoscopic donor nephrectomies have been successfully conducted by him with excellent outcomes till date. To improve and achieve the long term success in kidney transplant, he founded the transcare programme, which enables the post transplant patients to lead a healthy life and empowers them to stay fit by minimising the side effects of immunosuppressive medicines. The transfit domain ensures that they maintain a distinct quality of life after their transplant. The comprehensive transcare programme helps the patients to decide their donor, complete the medical and legal proceedings, arrange logistics for surgery and then enroll into the post transplant follow up graft monitoring and infection screening schedules. The author of the landmark book “How to live a healthy life after a kidney transplant”, Dr Ranjan’s transplant contributions and achievements have been featured twice in the Limca book of records and has been properly known as kidney man of india and he is currently working to transform the kidney transplant outcomes.

  • Dr. Ranjan in the Press

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